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A life-threatening illness crushes the world around you, and around those you love. How do we all cope with diagnosis physically, emotionally, and spiritually? How do we move on? What are the most helpful ways to support others in crisis? In the end, what does it all mean?

The author shares her most personal thoughts, fears and triumphs over the most challenging year of her life. The voices of friends and family members ring true and move the reader to a powerfully emotional and honest reflection of one’s own beliefs and life’s purpose.

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About The Author

Lynn McLaughlin is a Canadian educator who has spent her life devoted to ensuring each of us meets our full potential. Mother of three wonderful children, she currently lives with her husband in southern Ontario.

Lynn began journaling the day she received a life threatening diagnosis. Grateful for an amazing support network, she is now passionate about sharing her journey of fear and survival. It is Lynn’s hope that by travelling with her through experiences and reflections, you will be empowered to advocate for yourself and others regardless of the challenges.

From Lynn’s Family

There is no way in hell I could put into words the emotions that went through my brain for the next few hours. Fear, anger, total frustration — and there was nothing I could do for my daughter except pray and try to keep the rest of the family thinking positive thoughts. Everything was in the hands of a man I had never met before and whom I knew nothing about. Is he good at his job? Or, rather, is he exceptionally good at his job? What will my daughter be like when this is all over? Will she change? Will she still function normally? What will my life, her children’s lives, and our family’s lives be like if something dreadful happens?
Peter PriorLynn's Father
She wished she could cook dinner on her own and was mad when I tried to help. The dinner turned out horrible, but out of respect I pretended to love it. The smile she had as I choked down the food and pretended to like it was all worth it. It gave her that sense of hope and independence she yearned for.
Marina McLaughlinLynn's Daughter


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