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“The internationally accepted, standard treatment regimen for the most common type of brain cancer is not fully accessible in parts of Canada. This contradicts the approach of most other developed countries that have universal health care systems.” People with brain cancer should not have to pay for their chemotherapy, regardless of where they reside in this country!

The Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada has posted detailed information on its website (see link below).   Temozolomide is produced in both brand and generic form and has been long approved... read more →

The Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada has incredible resources for any patient, family member, friend or caregiver. Online guides, brochures, booklets, personal stories, online/telephone and community support groups (to name only a few). My family’s purpose in sharing our “story” is to help anyone and everyone we can … The Foundation is key to raising awareness and funding in support of much needed research. You really don’t have to walk alone! We hope you enjoy this post which is now on the Foundation’s site.

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"Lynn Mclaughlin’s memoir serves not only as the brave tale of one woman and her family coming together to fight a devastating illness, but also as a positive guide beautifully... read more →